The Chowderhead Crusades is out now!

Is J. J. Walsh’s debut novel an authentic exploration of the socially progressive roots of comic books? Or is it a rip-roaring action movie-esque space adventure? Yes.

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Book Overview

It all started back at Comic-con, 2036. That’s when Cateklysm Catholicon popped out of thin air to decree that humanity was headed right down the crapper. His solution: entice the planet’s population to learn the lessons of superhero comics. Ridiculous? Damn straight. Just the same, “Cateklysm’s Challenge” was born, with a grand prize that promised to endow one lucky comic book scholar with “the power to change the world.”

Almost two decades later, Cateklysm and his Challenge have been forgotten by everyone but the “Chowderheads” – diehard superhero worshippers, who champion the progressive ideology infused into comics. Enter Clayton Clayborn, a seventeen-year-old, second-generation Chowderhead. He may be living a dystopian nightmare existence on a Martian space freighter, but he’s hellbent on winning the Challenge. Of course, that means recruiting his best friend and the girl he loves into a deadly showdown with homicidal, megalomaniac titan of industry, Luthor Norman. But as Stan Lee would put it, “Excelsior!”


“The comic book nerd’s Ready Player One…Fun, frenetic, creative, and the ending hits like a ton of bricks.”

~Portland Book Review

“5 Stars. Irreverent and utterly charming…an accomplished work…a truly heroic adventure.”

~Readers’ Favorite

“Great humor…unpredictable plot that keeps the reader turning the page.”

~Manhattan Book Review

About the Author

J. J. Walsh is a superhero science fiction nerd novelist and owner of the San Francisco-based advertising agency Iron Creative Communication. He lives in San Francisco, with his wife, two boys, and their Labrador Retriever. So far his comic book knowledge has not been called upon to save the world. But he is ready.